The Creamery Inn

Downsville, WI

The Property...

Creamery Inn Rear Located in the rural village of Downsville, Wisconsin, this idyllic property overlooks the scenic Red Cedar River Valley in the west-central part of the state, just 10 miles south of I-94 on highway 25. The historic 1904 Downsville Cooperative Creamery building was completely rebuilt in 1984-85. The understated architectural renovation was instantly acclaimed throughout the Midwest, and remains a standard for country inns and rich hospitality.

In transforming the building, the architect used an abundance of rich cherry and teak woodwork and large windows that seamlessly blend the rural vistas with the warm interiors. The result is a comfortable space, which makes nearly all who enter feel at ease. This has defined The Creamery brand since its inception and continues to this day.

The main building of The Creamery complex has operated as a restaurant and inn with seating for 65 in the main dining room, along with space for an additional 30 in the lounge. During the summer months, seating for 40 is available in a screened patio area linked directly to the lounge and dining room. The ambiance of the lounge is enhanced by a distinctive floor to ceiling, brick fireplace.

A well-designed kitchen, bakeshop, service area and wine cellar all provide the facilities necessary for efficient operation. Upstairs, five elegant and spacious inn rooms, recently repurposed into Studio Apartments, overlook the wooded river valley and distant hills. Once again, rich solid cherry woodwork and large windows are found throughout. Private baths with handmade clay tiles and whirlpool tubs are found in each room, helping to provide guests with a relaxing experience in a wooded atmosphere.

The adjacent, Woodland Terrace building, is now the home of Woodland Ridge Retreat, a popular residential quilting center.

The original landscaping is well established and gives the property a feeling of having been a part of this rural community for many years. Extensive flower gardens bring joy not only to guests, but also to appreciative village residents as they drive by.

The owners of The Creamery Inn have just recently reduced the asking price of the property from $495,000 to $444,444.

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